TREAT is a concept design for a mobile application that provides general information on pet health, well-being, and nearby activities for pets. Users can schedule calendar events such as vet appointments, play dates, or find and book pet friendly hotels. Collaboration with interaction and user research designers on the application provided a simple, intuitive way for people to keep track of their pet’s health and activities and allowed for always-on access to nearby emergency vet services. Ideation was executed around go-to-market strategies and potential revenue streams such as affiliate links and sponsored content.





Created an integrated development environment for scientists to streamline their coding of spiking neural networks.  Collaborated with a team of user experience designers for user research, visualizations of current workflow, experience prototypes, and solution design.





Deliverables for this project included use cases, storyboards, and data visualizations. Project collaboration encompassed a range of stakeholders from marketing, to engineers, to the CTO.





The Hike Sedona app provides a comprehensive guide to the best hikes in Sedona, Arizona including general hike information and ratings for everyone from novice to expert hikers. Worry free offline experiences with detailed USGS topographical maps stored on device for use when there's no cell signal. This was a freelance opportunity to work on branding and art direction for the application.





Hand Unlock required collaboration between the designer and UX researchers, engineers, and developers to test and productize a technology to register the user's hand for unlocking their device using biometric sensors.  





A branding exercise based on Mission MVMT's value proposition which focused on giving athletes the tools they need to self-assess how they can correct movements to prevent injury, treat pain, and improve overall performance. This was a freelance opportunity to work on branding for the client's company.





The Qualcomm UX logo showcases the team's collaborative approach, foundation based methodologies, and deep understanding of the building blocks of great design.





This project utilized illustrations and character animations to help user's unlock their device with face identification and registration.





A use case video for CES in 2014, this project was a collaboration between designers and marketing.