Engineers came to me to design an app that will unlock mobile devices using capacitive touch as a biometric.  This app requires 1) registration of a biometric and 2) use of biometric to unlock device.


How can we design a simple biometric security app using just the touch screen?


Interaction and art direction. In collaboration with user experience researchers, engineers, and product managers.


Created a simple and intuitive white label biometric registration app using capacitive touch that was a major selling feature for low end smart phones.


Gained basic understanding of technology's capabilities to design a simple and elegant solution.

  • Delivered wireframes  
  • Illustrated all graphical assets
  • Prototyped interaction and motion studies
  • Created assets and specifications (interaction and visual design) for implementation
  • Provided user experience support for testing and engineering development


Interaction and visual design specification

Interaction and visual design specification

Marketing photo

Marketing photo